All in One

All In One

The All in One Package that includes:
The Big Bad Bank, The New World Bank, The New World Bank Religion & Rulers & The World Conservation Bank: Revisited.

The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

George Hunt hosts a 3 part series of videos about the late diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy with the looming topic of, was he murdered? Ilya was a 22 year old website developer who was working on a project nicknamed the Facebook Killer because it was such a good model that it could have rid the world of Facebook users. That being said, with all the hype in the social media world and big bank investors and large amounts of grant funding being tossed into the world of social media, would they just allow a couple of young college students walk in and destroy their plans to control the world through social media.

How The Press Lied About The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

George continues his investigation on the death of Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy. George was likely the only person to suggest a murder rather than a suicide, what all the press fed the news with. All the news was cluttered with headings of Suicide, Suicide, Suicide Note… The truth is that there wasn’t a suicide note and he died of suffocation, better yet he was probably murdered because Ilya and his social site Diaspora could effectively ruin the social media site and its competitors could lose billions of dollars if they allowed them to continue down the path they were on.

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George Hunt Video series

Fellow World Citizens,

All this month I am releasing a new video series 1 each week. Please look here for news on them . It is a whole new series where I sit in the back yard and have a conversation with you about these important matters. The concern the IRS, the Rich Elite, Banking and more. I hope you join me each week for “Conversations with George Hunt”


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The World Conservation Bank: Revisited

The World Conservation Bank: Revisited

Re-released in 2009 from the 1994 30 minute edition with new graphics and pictures in digital DVD format.
George W. Hunt re-introduces The World Conservation Bank and it’s players in this special video. We also hear parts about Monetary Matters, New World Order, Sustainable Development, Environment vs. Development and Growth and Development.

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FCC will begin to regulate the internet!!

Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman announced today that the FCC will begin to regulate the internet. The FCC wishes to block “certain types” of internet traffic flowing over the networks. The same restrictions presently imposed upon wired networks will also be imposed upon wireless networks. I don’t know the technical side of this announcement, but what I do know from history is that invasive and prohibitive policies will assuredly be created that will amount to CENSORSHIP on the internet.

Eventually persons who have news of concern to Americans will be censored out of the internet. More on this subject in later blogs. More DVD’s of are now on the internet. Please look them up.