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George Hunt has passed away. The body of his video series, book and writings have been left here in this website. You may share these videos as you wish. He would want that. His store has been closed and so has his you tube and live channels.)
George Hunt videos look at banking conspiracies, the New World Order, Illuminati and world domination by the rich elite: The Rothchilds, Rockefeller, Federal Reserve, Jews and Arabs who have kept up a 2000 year old evil empire. see videos, a book and audio tapes that include new players too including Face Books Mark Zuckerburg and the Jewish Lightning that struck the World Trade Centers on 9-11. From 1987 to 2012 The Big Bad Bank videos have shown the way to Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party and Ron Paul. Acclaimed by Alex Jones and Jess Ventura, religious leaders and financial experts The Bain or rulers.

More Shock!! The African Internet, Silicon Valley and “The Alliance For An Affordable Internet”

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February 22, 2013
Continuing in this breaking story George Hunt now produces his latest video on how Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obam conspire to fleece the American people of 307 Billion dollars by creating an internet in Africa for bush tribes!

George Hunt presents his findings on what the governments 307 billion dollars in grants to the Silicon valley are going to. In this investigation he uncovers the results almost 2 years after the original grants were proposed and we learn that a lot of that money is going in to build an internet pipeline in Africa and bringing African people online. George asks the looming question of why would we want to invest 10 percent of the US budget into Africa.

Pt. 2 – Jann Scott interviews George W. Hunt on the new video The African Internet, Silicon Valley and The Alliance for an affordable internet and they dig deeper into the issue of why America would want to spend so much money investing in African internet and providing the continent with more affordable technology resources when the returns on the initial work are so very small in comparison.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Find more info on the noted meeting in the The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

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George Hunt hosts a 3 part series of videos about the late diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy with the looming topic of, was he murdered? Ilya was a 22 year old website developer who was working on a project nicknamed the Facebook Killer because it was such a good model that it could have rid the world of Facebook users. That being said, with all the hype in the social media world and big bank investors and large amounts of grant funding being tossed into the world of social media, would they just allow a couple of young college students walk in and destroy their plans to control the world through social media.

Obama’s Bad Choice in Timothy Geithner

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George Hunt talks about President Obama’s bad choice in placing Timothy F. Geithner as the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Obama choose Geithner because Bernanke needed a corrupt insider to work with the Fed and the international banking elite. George explains how Geithner was almost indicted for tax evasion in previous years before taking his position as the Secretary, we learn more about this in George Hunt’s previous video about the Stolen Kennedy Bonds.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Creative Destruction

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A 2 Part Series including interviews on the topics that George Hunt calls Creative Destruction. In the first part George Hunt explains how the New World Order is using World War III scare tactics to sell us the war and as a way to help employment and the economy. George also talks about the world wilderness fund in which the Rothschild’s bankers will provide the financing for large wilderness based projects in essence taking control of the earth and world domination.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Water Water Everywhere

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On January 18, 2012, a major United Nations event will occur. International water and food recommendations will be passed at the 2012 NCSE Conference in Washington DC that will devastate society. UN control of the earth’s fresh water will be recommended “for the welfare of humanity everywhere” and later passed into law by the General Assembly and the Security Council.

The intentions and proposals of the Rothschild family for world control are embedded into these recommendations. The international banking community will underwrite bond issues for vast environment projects. Baron Rothschild disclosed at a UN meeting that the projects will often be inoperative and technologically unsound. He also admitted that indigenous peoples and wildlife will be problematic to his plans for the UN-Banker world water corporation. Please view my mid-December 2011 videotapes at “” explaining the whole situation. They’re called “Water Water Everywhere” and I think you’ll like them.

Yours Truly,
George W Hunt

Please visit my new page for the National Council for Science and Environment:
NCSE - National Council for Science and the Environment
NCSE - Environment and Security

UNCED Earth Summit 1992

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In 1992 George Hunt was fully engulfed in investigating the New World Order and architects of a One World Bank. To further the Development of this bank and its effects on the Earth’s land, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development a.k.a. UNCED Earth Summit Meeting on June 3-14th , 1992 was held. Prior to this George Hunt recorded this video to heighten awareness of what secret agenda they might have from this meeting.

View Full Show Description Here

Conversations with George W. Hunt

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A 5 part series titled Conversations with George W. Hunt, including his talks on Family Trusts and Foundations, Scott Paper Co. and My Lost Job, Members of Congress for Peace Through Law, Congress Does the Wishes of the Federal Reserve, and George Hunt Answers the Tough Questions by Talk Host Jann Scott. In these talks we learn more about how the big bankers and the government are moving closer and closer to a New World Order domination and almost without a choice due to pressure from the shareholders who control the Federal Reserve and that money which controls even our government and worldwide policies that effect even our beliefs as individuals.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Jewish Lightning

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Hello world citizens and welcome to The Big Bad Bank site, this is my new 3 Part series on the greatest possible occurrence of Jewish Lightning in history by myself George W. Hunt and a special interview by Jann Scott.

George Hunt presents Jewish Lightning and investigation of the greatest ever possible occurrence of Jewish Lightning, or arson, on September 11th, 2001.In Part 1 of the Jewish Lightning investigation George informs us about Larry A. Silverstein’s purchase of the leasing rights to the World Trade center complex and the insurance policies taken out by Silverstein properties Was it an Arab attack or a Jewish attack.In Part 2 George continues his investigation of the greatest possible case of Jewish Lightning known to man, the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. George also investigates the Rockefeller’s entire Downtown Lower Manhattan Association and other properties in New York City, including the World Trade Center Complex, The Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street stock exchange, the Financial Plaza, The Trinity Church, The Wall Street Synagogue. George tells more about the Chabad Wall Street Synagogue has distorted the truths about the Torah, Then to wrap the show up George Hunt is interviewed by Jann Scott, a local TV Talk Show host in Boulder, and Jann asks George about his findings in the Jewish Lightning matter.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Arab Revolutions and The Rothschild’s

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George Hunt continues to rain on the New World Order with this video about The Arab Revolutions and The Rothschild’s. George covers the religious side of the people involved and traces them back to their origins and how it all ties in with the revolutions in Arabian and African countries today.

View Full Video Description Here

Facebook: Corruption and Control

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George W. Hunt exposes the Facebook Corporation and their Corrupt, Dishonest and Dangerous behavior and then exposes the Facebook Corporation and who owns and controls the company that remains one of top of the internet sites in the world.

Full Video Descriptions Here

Islam Receives Jesus Christ the Messiah

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George continues to investigate Islamic nations in North Africa and how the Rothschild’s, Europe and the U.S. are potentially funding the Muslims uprisings even the Al Qaeda, this video focuses on the Religious aspect of the countries in the “Levant” region and the 2nd coming of Jesus. George goes into detail of the history of Islam and the coming of the end.

View the Full Video Description Here

Currency Derivatives – $45 Trillion Business

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Currency Derivatives – $45 Trillion Business
George W. Hunt investigates a huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated and how Congress believes it’s time to fix it.

View the Full Show Description Here

Federal Reserve Closed Saturday

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Federal Reserve Closed Down On Saturday
George W. Hunt reveals his finding on the Federal Reserve and Illuminist Bankers involved in the takeover of the worlds money.

View Full Video Description Here

The Stolen Kennedy Bonds: Whodunit?

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Citizen George W. Hunt makes a complaint in this videotape against the Federal Reserve Board and various Treasury officials for criminal actions against the people of America.. He accuses Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, Director of the National Economic Council, Lawrence Summers and other parties of withholding facts pertaining to an apparent theft of $134.5 Billion in U.S. notes and bonds, including ten $1 Billion Kennedy Bonds, apparently used to float a U.S. Currency. If the Kennedy bearer bonds are real, there has been a theft from the United States Treasury vaults of huge proportions and into the crooked hands of various European and American banks.

View Full Video Description Here

The Big Bad Bank

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The expose documentary by George Washington Hunt of a secret bank created over the past 25 years all digital updated and new. June 2009. To find out more check out The Big Bad Bank Printed Manual with the entire dialogue from The Big Bad Bank DVD production found at

Also you can read the script that was used in the recording of this 2009 film here.

View the Full Video Description Here

The World Conservation Bank: Revisited

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Re-released in 2009 from the 1994 30 minute edition with new graphics and pictures in digital DVD format.
George W. Hunt re-introduces The World Conservation Bank and it’s players in this special video. We also hear parts about Monetary Matters, New World Order, Sustainable Development, Environment vs. Development and Growth and Development.

View Full Video Description Here

The New World Bank

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George Hunt’s re-master of the original edition of the New World Bank documentary from 1988. In this video George talks with Charles Wheeling about his findings at the 4th World Wilderness Congress the year before.

Full Video Description Here

The New World Bank: Religion and Rulers

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George Hunt’s re-master of the original edition of the New World Bank, Religion and Rulers documentary from 1988. In this video George talks with Charles Wheeling about his findings at the 4th World Wilderness Congress the year before.

Full Video Description Here

George Hunt Speaks in Utah, 5-10-1991

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In this early recording, George Hunt Speaks in Utah – May 10th, 1991 on The 4th World Wilderness Congress that occurred in 1987. George and Marie Cavanaugh support George Hunt’s opinions and research by inviting him to speak in Utah at this event.

View Full Video Description Here

Faith and Liberty – The Root of All Evil

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Faith and Liberty – The Root of All Evil – July, 24th 2010 Denver, CO
George W. Hunt talks about the elite World Bank called Banque Credit Agricole that will collapse all other banks into it as a Global World Bank that owns over 1/3 of the Earths Wilderness and as the foremost International banking whistle-blower George W. Hunt identifies the very names, programs, banks and organizations that have been hard at work to destroy the global economy in favor of a one world banking system that plans to lord over every aspect of our society.

Full Video Description Page

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