All in One

All In One

The All in One Package that includes:
The Big Bad Bank, The New World Bank, The New World Bank Religion & Rulers & The World Conservation Bank: Revisited.

The Big Bad Bank

The Big Bad Bank

The expose documentary by George Washington Hunt of a secret bank created over the past 25 years, all digital updated and new, ready to buy and watch.

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George Hunt’s The Big Bad Bank – All in One

All in One

The All in One Package that includes:
The Big Bad Bank, The New World Bank, The New World Bank Religion & Rulers & The World Conservation Bank: Revisited.

The Big Bad Bank: Printed Manual Ad

Unavailable at this time!!

A printed manual of exhibits and articles used in the Big Bad Bank DVD. This manual is a “must” to comprehend the conspiracy. It’s so factual that anyone who reads it will reluctantly admit that this conspiracy expose is valid.

Water Water Everywhere

On January 18, 2012, a major United Nations event will occur. International water and food recommendations will be passed at the 2012 NCSE Conference in Washington DC that will devastate society. UN control of the earth’s fresh water will be recommended “for the welfare of humanity everywhere” and later passed into law by the General Assembly and the Security Council.

The intentions and proposals of the Rothschild family for world control are embedded into these recommendations. The international banking community will underwrite bond issues for vast environment projects. Baron Rothschild disclosed at a UN meeting that the projects will often be inoperative and technologically unsound. He also admitted that indigenous peoples and wildlife will be problematic to his plans for the UN-Banker world water corporation. Please view my mid-December 2011 videotapes at “” explaining the whole situation. They’re called “Water Water Everywhere” and I think you’ll like them.

Yours Truly,
George W Hunt

Admit It, Whitey. We’re The Problem; Not The Solution.

White homo sapiens are a menace to world security. White minds have invented devastating devices to annihilate millions of people with one bomb. White minds have created paper money.  White minds have created death and disease in Africa.  When will Whitey admit to all races that: 1) We have blown our role to advance progress and 2) We don’t know how to stop the crisis that we have allowed others to put ourselves into.
Whitey can stand up and shout “It’s not our fault, it was ‘Them’”. In a democracy, however, it is “’Us’” because democracy requires its adherents to Think—and most people don’t think, at least in America.  As a result, Bad-Whitey-Elitists have taken over and, in return, have given us a devastated economy, loss of some of our private lives and blind acceptance of what the media wants us to read and see.
I have heard that Caucasians (white folks) comprise only one-sixth of the world population. The other five-sixths who share the world with us have been quite patient with Whitey’s penchant for war, death and destruction.  Not for long though: When power-elite-Whitey steals our free gift of abundant clear water and adequate food and turn them into a commodity for profits is when life will get real tough for the white race.  Perhaps that is the reason why the late Baron Edmund de Rothschild has made provision for a 300,000-member “Konservation Korps” in his plans for world conquest.  The “Korps” is actually guarding the 100,000-acre aquifer properties of the George W Bush family in Paraguay. (See my “Water Water Everywhere” videotape).

My social intercourse with non-white persons has usually been pleasant and enriching. On the other hand, I have had a hard time with a lot of white folks: The arrogance of the power-elite at the top and the white bottom-side has sometimes been difficult to endure. I hope that Whitey realizes very soon that we share this planet with others. I also hope Whitey realizes very soon that our elite atheists are not only destroying civilization as we know it, but they are also building a future society of brain-washed automatons; a Tower of Babel.

The white elite have spoken on record that they expect the world population to decrease to 500 million persons, down from the present six to seven billion presently on earth. Wars, poisonous food, air and dirty water, vaccinations infected with HIV, big and bigger bombs, grand terrorism plus a host of intentionally-produced deadly factors will destroy most of us while the rich power-elite enjoy the wealth and human comforts that they have stolen from society. A noted international banker put it plainly:  “The common persons are the cannon fodder which unfortunately populates the earth”.

Yours Truly, George W Hunt

Where On Earth Are We Going?

Maurice Strong is called “the custodian of the planet” mainly because he IS the custodian of the planet. Strong was hired by David Rockefeller when Strong was only 18 years old. Rockefeller’s purpose was to make Strong the powerhouse of the UN to guide it to a place of absolute authority over all natural resources including water and food distribution. The food and water subjects will be presented at the forthcoming United Nations NCSE Conference in Washington DC to be held on January 18-20 2012. The conference is set up to create recommendations and resolutions to place control of fresh water and other resources into the UN Environment Program (UNEP). The Rockefellers donated the land for the UN building so it gives us a large hint that they use the UN for their own destructive purposes.

The late Edmund de Rothschild created the United Nations Committee on the Environment and Development (UNCED—pronounced “Unsaid”) in 1972. His dynasty created the Committee and they are the Trustee of the UNCED meetings. I had the opportunity to attend his fourth UNCED meeting in September 1987. It was named the Fourth World Wilderness meeting and met at Estes Park and Denver, Colorado. I witnessed his cohorts create the ultimate New World Order banking program and the New World Order environment plans. The Chairwoman, Gro Harlem Brundtland, has carried their declarations through the UN. As a matter of fact, she’ll be the keynote speaker at the forthcoming January 18th NCSE meeting. Brundtland was the Prime Minister of Norway and the Director of the World Health Organization. Her curriculum vitae is covered in Wikipedia and in the Manual on my site..

Bluntly put, the aims of Strong, Rockefeller, Rothschild and Brundtland are to eliminate indigenous people by changing natural water patterns, cycles and water flows, and using EPA laws to reduce supplies of potable water to urban populations. Indigenous people and wildlife will suffer great harm. Another purpose is to make the UN the center of costly water projects funded by the international banking community. They plan to issue 25-30-year bonds to fund the tremendous costs of the blue-sky projects which will eventually become inoperative and technological nightmares. The Common People (you and me) will pay for the UN’s disastrous “mistakes”.

Yes, it sounds draconian but that is how some elite psychos think. Brundtland has been quoted to say that the world population should be 500 million people, not six billion people (the Club of Rome concurs). They will accomplish these goals by, among many devices, adding chemicals, “fracking impurities” and sewage into the world’s waterways plus other means such as famine, pestilence, civil wars, terrorism and poor food distribution.

Thank you for viewing this Blog and please pass the word on to others about how the UN’s Pale Horse of Death will be set loose upon society. Yours Truly, George W Hunt Site:

The Big Bad Bank: Printed Manual

The Big Bad Bank: Printed Manual

This manual is available in both PDF (80 MBs) and HTML formats as well as a printed version you can order through the buy now link.

A manual of exhibits and articles used in the DVD. Available Now in Print or E-Book. This manual is a “must” to comprehend the conspiracy. It’s so factual that anyone who reads it will reluctantly admit that this conspiracy expose is valid. We’ll offer a guaranteed product, including postage.

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