Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura interviews

January 26, 2010

Hello to all of you kind people who have sent me messages, some
very pro—some very con. Most of your emials were precipitated by
the Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura interviews. Those folks interviewed
me for the FACTS I had and not because I loved or didn’t love Jesus
Christ. Jones and Ventura interviewed me only because I have FACTS
and I WAS THERE. Many of you were offended by my faith. I can only
encourage you to pray to God for understanding and a revelation of His
Why was I there? Was that truly an accident? It was God’s will
(sorry God-haters). I had no prior intelligence of a conspiracy of
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, and the “Gaia-is-god” druid
religionists ((that your future families may serve). ALL of the
world’s money men were in attendance or represented and I was
“accidentally” there.
HE (God) had me share luncheon with Baron and Lady Rothschild
(what a grand lady!–and she, literally, filled my glass with water
when I came to their table). HE granted me luncheon with the
president of the World Conservation Bank, I. Michael Sweatman where I
asked deep questons about the bank which gave me more information.
HE had me dine with Mr. McNeill, head of the United Nations, Geneva,
and his very fine wife and the reporter from the Denver Post. HE
provided the tape of the key Rothschild meeting that confirms what I
am saying to you.

Why haven’t I been killed yet? Who knows? The shadow of death
lurks everywhere I go now. I am shadowed by someone. I know that.
But I can’t worry about this life when I have important things to do
and say. “You ain’t heard nothing yet, world order crowd. God will
raise up another to take my place”, I say. My blood-trail could be a
spark that ignites even one or two of you to be indignant about it.
Perhaps God will use those two people to ignite the country into
indignation against assassinations!? Who knows what will happen to
me? I have no fear (at this point).

In closing, I am not a religious freak. I enjoy fun parties.
Though I don’t drink, I do enjoy a little “mother nature” once in a
while. Actually, you would probably like me as a friend because I’ll
probably like you just as much. We’re in this together. Help me in
any way you can see how. Recommend me to every talk show host you can
think of. And the next time you eat some bread, remember that Jesus’s
body was broken for us. And when you pour yourself a glass of wine,
remember that Jesus Christ gave His blood for us. Enjoy the wine and
thank God for His love for humanity. Very Sincerely Yours,, George
Washington Hunt (born on Columbus Day, October 12, 1938, in Glendale,
California at 10:30 AM. When to die?—Who knows?).

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How The Media Fooled U

Remember how the media gave us the impression that the banks needed to
be saved or elase? While the U.S. went along with the $700 billion
bank bailout, $300 billion has yet to be spent from the funds and $140
billion still uncommitted..
Moreaover, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is
presently $8.2 billion in the hole as a result of their previous bank
bailaouts. The number of banks that have violated deposit rules and
have become serious problems has now risen to 562 banks from the
previous figure of 416 banks that were “problem banks”. It appears
that our media and government are working together to not inform us of
the truth.
I talk about this and related info in my newest video.

Obama to attend the U.N.’s Conference of Parties ("COP-15")

President Obama has indicated that he will personally attend the
U.N.’s Conference of Parties (“COP-15”) scheduled for December 7, 2009
in Copenhagen. It is expected that he and other heads of state from
almost 200 countries will commit their nations to international
consumer standards. Prime ministers, presidents and other heads of
state are expected to attend this Major Event.

A recent blog I composed about COP-15 noted that all of the world’s
population will be subject to COP-15-decreed living standards. These
new standards such as auto choices and hot water standards will
certainly affect industrial countries the most. It could also be used
as a tool by which America’s living standards and industries can be
made to decline through ECO-15 decrees.

This is not a good situation in which the United States should be
entangled. It will certainly cause a decline in our living standards,
but even more important, it places another part of the U.S. under
international control. That is why the U.S. Constitution forbids our
public officials from putting the U.S. under such binding United
Nations agreements so that our sovereignty is not impaired. If Obama
signs for the American people, his promise may be declared “null and
void” if it conflicts with the highest law of America, the

115 banks have been closed by regulators

CNN News reported that 115 banks have been closed by regulators
as of October 30, 2009. A recent failure was a large multi-state
holding company called the FBOP Corporation. Nine banks with 153
offices were bailed out by the FDIC on Friday,October 30, 2009.
Unfortunately, the FDIC is out of money and this FBOP bail-out
will cost another $2.5 billion, says Bud Conrad, research chief and
co-editor of The Casey Report. He says many banks should be closed
but the FDIC is holding off from closing the banks for lack of funds.
As a result, Conrad says,
those sick banks are getting into worse trouble every day. The FDIC
has already guaranteed debts of over $300 billion by the big banks at
low interest rates. The banks are permitted to invest these funds at
higher interest.
One can see the definite trend toward monopoly in the banking
through the purchase of sick banks by the largest banking
centers. In my opinion, this is just another move toward the
Rothschild World Conservation Bank. Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp
(USB) with $265 billion in assets, bought the FBOP banks. USB now has
2,851 banking offices and 5,175 ATM’s in 24 states.

Is ex-president William Jefferson Clinton the son of Bill Blythe III or is he really the son of Winthrop Rockefeller?

He was elected in spite of the fact that David Mixner (who claims he
was an adviser to U.S. President William J. Clinton) put forth the
argument that President Clinton was actually the son of Winthrop
Rockefeller. Winthrop was the brother of David, Nelson. John D III
and Laurence Rockefeller. Mixner asks in his “Rockefeller Family
” site how Clinton could afford Georgetown, Oxford and Yale
University Law School and how did he become a law professor at the
University of Arkansas School of Law less than six months after
receiving his law degree?

Clinton served as Jimmy Carter’s Arkansas campaign manager while he
taught law. He also managed his own campaign to get himself elected
as the Arkansas State Attorney General in 1976 only two years out of
law school while also managing Jimmy Carter’s campaign. Two years
later he was elected Governor of Arkansas with less than five years
out of law school.

Winthrop Rockefeller, Bill Clinton’s alleged father, was elected
Governor of Arkansas in 1966. He served for four years. It was a
remarkable victory as he was a Republican running for Governor in a
state that was 80 percent Democrat. Winthrop’s known son, Winthrop
Junior, is running for Governor of Arkansas in the next election.

Take a look at The Big Bad Bank Videos to see more in depth information on this and related topics.

Homeland Security May Block Web Sites

It was reported in (Alex Jones) that the General
Accountability Office (GAO) has warned the federal government that a
worsening of the swine flu epidemic may cause a glut of internet
traffic. The GAO warned that the glut of users may arise from among
the swine flu survivors who will be anxious to correspond with their
offices by way of their home computers. This could choke the ability
of commerce to use the internet efficiently, they say.

If this GAO warning is actually implemented the Department of Homeland
Security will be designated to take control of any government mandates
pertaining to “blocking certain web sites and and regulating internet
traffic”. It appears that John D. “Jay” Rockefeller IV’s
(Senator-WVa) desires to put a lid on the internet’s dedication to
free speech (see previous blog) are oozing into and through the GAO,
Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and scores of other New
World Order lackeys. People! Resist their censoring efforts!

I believe this is a back-door scheme to gain government control of the
internet and its terrific ability to exchange ideas about life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness versus the despotic government
which, according to the aristocrats, will soon engulf the world.

George Hunt
Original story: Reuters, Monday, October 26, 2009

The Rockerfellers and Rothschcilds Are Loving People

Two friends resented my dragging the Rockrefellers and
Rothschilds into this New World Order controversy. They said I was
hurting the environment movement through my DVD’s, etc.
I retorted that I did not hate the Rockefellers or Rothschilds or any
of the families that intended evil against humanity. I merely object
to their placing the love of money and their world order friends and
plans above the Principles that society requires in their pursuits of
life, liberty and happiness.

I had luncheon with Baron and Lady Edmond de Rothschild at the
4th World Wilderness Congress. As I seated myself, Lady Rothschild
reached across the table and poured my glass full of water and Baron
Rothschild greeted me with sincere respect. To my right at the table
was the president of the World Conservation Bank, I. Michael Sweatman.
He, too was cordial, although he was busy with the preparation for
the keynote banking session just an hour ahead. The meeting featured
addresses from Maurice Strong, Baron Rothschild and Michael Sweatman.
You know what they said at their conference by listening to them on my
DVD’s. Liars plotting evil.
The Rockefeller Family was very kind when my sister-in-law became
ill. She was the personal secretary of the wife of David Rockefeller
and Mrs. Rockefeller visited her at the hospital every day during her
illness. That is true kindness and love. I don’t hate any member of
the New World Order–I just hate the evil with which Satan has
beguiled them.
Since I am an American I MUST expose evil and do what I can
possibly do to root it out. Other Americans have the absolute
requirement to assist in rooting out the evil from America as well.
We adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The
Constitution was created only to keep our evil-prone senators and
representatives in line. Save our Country through 1) Prayer, 2)
Exposure of Evil and 3) full cooperation with Patriots who step out
for freedom,. Is that really too hard to do?

HAARP – A dangerous and deadly weather control system has been created

Most HAARP articles I have read agree that a dangerous and deadly weather control system has been created. The folly of slicing into the ionosphere with a slight bit of energy and send huge electromagnetic beams into the earth or kill crops and wildlife by diverting water-bearing weather away from any region is playing with Mother Nature with high levels of risk and ignorance. What drives people to conceive of such billion-dollar inventions while the poor starve?

The potential fruits of ionospheric weather control are certainly not worth taking any risks with such a system. BUT HERE IS WHERE WE ARE BEING MISLED: Do you notice how many times various HAARP articles refer to the “MILITARY” as being the bogeyman? It is my suspicion that the Rothschild World Conservation Banking/Conservation Conspiracy could realaly use HAARP technology extensively and CREATE global warming, extreme weather incidents and other Al Gore predictions. Lots of expensive machinery, bigger than the defense industry, will be needed to fight global warming, acid rain, CO2, etc. The rich elite will use HAARP before the military will.

Could the authors of many HAARP articles unknowingly be pointing the finger and blaming the military for HAARP’s insane project where the real beneficiaries of HAARP power and might may actually be the “Enviro-Aristocrats”. As you may know from my DVD’s, the aristocracy now controls both the world conservation movement and its avowed enemy, world industrial growth and development.

Persons who research and determine that the global warming theory is a hoax and is designed to be used against countries which contain what the Club of Rome calls “the lesser races” or, as the international banker in my DVD called us: ” The cannon fodder which unfortunatly inhabit the earth”. Africans could die by the millions. Targets of up to two billion population reduction have come up in the Club of Rome pronouncements. Careful: Those who say there is no global warming could later be singled out by the ruling class as an enemy against the people after HAARP has accomplished its evil task. Al Gore will be proved correct, Africa will roast, the plush ski areas will receive tons of snow and farms will close

Why I spoke up against the Scott Paper company

Jim: Your excellent book brought back memories of when I was fired by Scott Paper for bringing out the polluting characteristics of Scott Papers’s endeavors at a vice-presidents’ meeting to observe and question “Scott’s future executive material”. We were bombarded with Kimberley-Clark, P &G and private label products and I suggested that we go to market informing that Scott cared for the environment, etc. “Like the girl scouts, George?” the angry marketing VP hissed. “Well, sort of, I guess,” I remember saying. “Pack out what you pack in. That sort of thing.” “Well the name of the game in Scott Paper is profits and dividends. Do I make myself clear?”, he retorted. “Yes, sir.”, I responded and that was it. When I returned to division headquarters in Boston, my manager said that I had offended too many people with my question. .”The whole paper company is buzzing with your QUESTION! Your career is blocked because you offended the executives”.” Happy ending. I got a great job, moved my family to Boulder. Happy as a clam.

Scott was in stages 1,2 and 3 when I left and we know the rest. “Chainsaw” fired VP’s and executives left and right. The company became a victim of Philadelphians’ protest against Scott’s polluting policies, Their executive VP “Junior” (McCabe’s son–sales people hated him for some reason) died in a horrible household fire and the company just came unglued with various disappointing events. I still respect the company’s products and many effective people I worked with. In my loneliness I went it on my own and eventually became a multi-millionaire. Interestingly, I went to stage 4 with my own corporation before I sold to a good bidder. I also learned that entrepreneurs do have a problem with management. I became rather bored with the whole thing after I got it off the ground.

Getting fired allowed me to bring my wife and family of three boys to mountain living in Boulder. Goodbye, East Coast.

You wrote a great book and I’ll follow you along your way to successful teaching. By the way, take a look at my DVD’s about the banking system at “UNCED” or Business has some very unfriendly competition coming their way, as you will see.

Sincerely Yours, George “Buzz” Hunt

FCC will begin to regulate the internet!!

Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman announced today that the FCC will begin to regulate the internet. The FCC wishes to block “certain types” of internet traffic flowing over the networks. The same restrictions presently imposed upon wired networks will also be imposed upon wireless networks. I don’t know the technical side of this announcement, but what I do know from history is that invasive and prohibitive policies will assuredly be created that will amount to CENSORSHIP on the internet.

Eventually persons who have news of concern to Americans will be censored out of the internet. More on this subject in later blogs. More DVD’s of are now on the internet. Please look them up.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke met at the Rockefellers

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke met at the Rockefellers’ plush Jackson Hole, Wyoming vacation headquarters the weekend of 21 to 24 August and things are probably in high gear to:

1) break the back of the middle class to eventually divide the world population between aristocrats and the masses.

2) adjust the currency systems and credit systems to bring #1 to pass.

3) Coordinate the “Group of Thirty” (see on Google as well as Jacob A. Frenkel’s biography) for the next year’s formidable moves among the international banking crowds.

Let me know what you think..

Lehman Brothers One Year ago

Lehman brothers went down today one year ago and nearly took the whole country with it. You have read and heard from me how the New World Order establishment sends their spies into into leadership positions in both sides of an argument or an issue. When the aristocracy infiltrates both sides of an important issue they wind up controlling the synthesis, the final argument of the two opposing sides. That is why aristocrats have involved themselves so much in environmental causes. They come up with organization names such as The World Wildlife Fund and The Sierra Club as well as paid proponents of conservation such as Al Gore’s chilling, doom-laden prognostications, much like chicken-licken’s delusions that “the sky is falling”.

The aristocracy is, of course, has been heavily dependent on profits and dividends from industry to swell their already-gorging larders, so they’re already heavily-emplaced in the “growth and development” industrial side.

To make their program as profitable as possible it will be required to create industrial pollution on a continuing basis while the pseudo-conservationists scream for more tools to fight for the environment.

Trillion-dollar programs will fail to clean up the environment, but the environmental crowd will reap huge contracts and dividends from far-fetched conservation remedies. Get it? The industry vs. environment crowd will maximize their profits by fooling the masses into thinking that “the sky is falling”.

I will be appearing on truTV

Hey Everybody I am in Hollywood California filming for truTV. That’s right, we have had such a great response from The Big Bad Bank DVD. People love it! We have had donations from around the world and people have been noticing our efforts. truTV contacted me and flew me down here and without giving too much away they want my expert opinion on environmental issues and the people behind these so called movements. We have several people posting my various videos. They are everywhere and people are enjoying them. If you haven’t seen the latest and greatest Big Bad Bank documentary, go here and see what everyone is talking about. I am really excited to be able to share my story and concerns with you all and keep watching the videos and sending comments.

Military action, Soviet revolution, JPMorgan Chase, Oh MY!

JPMorganChase paid back the taxpayers’ $25 Billion “loan” in July. It was strange that they needed these bailout monies when their assets amounted to a vast $2.1 trillion dollars at the time. The loan monies are beginning to be returned by many other banks now.
I discovered in an article in London’s “Manchester Guardian” that the Rothschilds established a new Rothschild bank in October 1987. This was about one month after the World Conservation Bank was enacted at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in September 1987. I believe all banks will topple into and/or be absorbed into this Rothschild bank addition.

What may evolve after a currency collapse could be chaos! Think, military action. To quell the fears install a government to control the panic of the populace. The new government will probably be fascist similar to the cruel government after the Soviet revolution. This is not a pretty picture of what could happen, but it could..
I present solid evidence that this new bank is a project of the very rich eliste and doomed to bankruptcy even before it is established. The first indicator that this is a sham bank is that they don’t want to tell the middle and lower classes about the bank. They don’t want to tell you and me about it; they don’t want to educate you about it. Why not? Because the facts point to a concealed fraud and we cannot live with a monster like this bank.. This will be an interesting and educational adventure for you into the world of international banking, complete with associated fraud, deceit, secrecy, sorcery and corruption. Who do you know that should see the presentation? It may be your friends, a congressman, a local official, your church, mosque or synagogue, the person next door who is interested in the so-called conspiracy theory. As you will see, the so-called conspiracy theory will become a FACT after you view this presentation. It is my goal to educate millions of people about this bank– and you are one of them. The facts in this presentation dispel the conspiracy theory. It is now conspiracy fact. Our banking systems are indeed in the clutches of a major conspiracy. Trillions of American and Canadian taxes have been paid to banks that do not deserve the bailouts. The banks requiring bailouts should have been left to perish. Their non-adherence to the ethics of their profession cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars. I still wonder why JPMorgan Chase was granted $25 billion in bailout funds when they had $2.1 trillion in assets. I wonder, too, how much of that bailout money may have wound up as a deposit in the new bank. What do you think?

Rothschild’s puppets

Hello Fellow World Citizens! My name is George Washington Hunt. I live in Boulder, Colorado.

A Big Bank is ready for implementation whenever the directors feel the right time occurs, probably

after all the world’s currency systems fail and there is chaos everywhere. It is presently called the

World Conservation Bank but may open in the name of the United Nations or as a private Rothschild

Bank The bank will replace all banks. There will be one big bank. It will issue the world currency, make

loans and finance huge conservation programs. Its power will be great. It could bring any nation to its

knees just by adjustments to credit and currency.


This bank is a creation of the Rothschild banking family. They are special bankers to the very rich

elite and command great respect in the field of international finance and banking. They are also very

clever, cunning bankers and have been known to create brilliant banking agreements. The forthcoming

bank is also clever and cunning and I have the responsibility to educate you about it. From where did I

assume this vast education responsibility? Let’s listen to the voice of David Lang, an international banker

from Montreal, to find out. He has a part in creating this bank and he displays the arrogance of the very

rich elite. So they don’t want to educate us cannon fodder, huh? (According to DAVID LANG). I

hereby am your educator and I plan to show you that this is a fraudulent bank.

The rich elite will invest trillions of dollars into this Rothschild bank in return for stock in the bank.

Their family trusts and foundations are gorged with wealth and they will readily invest in this bank because

if it bankrupts they have the right to step in and claim all of its assets. The assets they seize will include all

of the mortgages and debts of cities, counties, buildings, individuals, everything. When and if the bank

fails, these investors will own all of the collateral that was pledged in return for the trillions of dollars in

loans on everything.

Far-fetched? I hope so. As you hear what they said at the congress and what they have done

before and past, I think you will agree that this bank is a scam and is completely unacceptable.

Watch The video to see what I am talking about!

A wonderfull history, or the deep rooted plans for control?

As you all know I have been heavily involved with these issues for quite some time, In the 1974 DVD I proposed the possibility that the Rothschilds were of the Dynasty of Edom. Bible-readers will know that their family have sworn to regain the birth-right that Jacob (Israel) stole from Esau.

The Herod Family are Edomites, They built Herod’s Temple for the Jews and held powerful positions at the time of Jesus Christ. Herod the Great heard of the birth Jesus Christ and killed all the boy babies in the area of Jesus’ birth. A later Herod interrogated Jesus Christ and sent him back to Pontius Pilate.

Where did this Esau theory I have proposed come about? When I ate lunch with Baron and Lady Rothschild on my left and Michael Sweatman, the president of the World Conservation Bank, on my right,a word of knowledge, an inner voice if you will, said “You are sitting in the presence of the Dynasty of Edom”. Esau means “red child” and the name Rothschild may very well be a reconstructed name of the German “red child”; not “red shield”. The family originally used the name of “Bauer” and changed it to Red Shield, rather than Red Child.

The Coral Leaf appears on the literature distributed at the Conference. The coral leaf is green (like money) part of the year and red (like the Comintern and despotism) the rest of the year. Was that an accident? I don’t think so. Look at their little joke about how the name of their UNCED committee is pronounced–“UNSAID”

You do the math people…