Why I spoke up against the Scott Paper company

Jim: Your excellent book brought back memories of when I was fired by Scott Paper for bringing out the polluting characteristics of Scott Papers’s endeavors at a vice-presidents’ meeting to observe and question “Scott’s future executive material”. We were bombarded with Kimberley-Clark, P &G and private label products and I suggested that we go to market informing that Scott cared for the environment, etc. “Like the girl scouts, George?” the angry marketing VP hissed. “Well, sort of, I guess,” I remember saying. “Pack out what you pack in. That sort of thing.” “Well the name of the game in Scott Paper is profits and dividends. Do I make myself clear?”, he retorted. “Yes, sir.”, I responded and that was it. When I returned to division headquarters in Boston, my manager said that I had offended too many people with my question. .”The whole paper company is buzzing with your QUESTION! Your career is blocked because you offended the executives”.” Happy ending. I got a great job, moved my family to Boulder. Happy as a clam.

Scott was in stages 1,2 and 3 when I left and we know the rest. “Chainsaw” fired VP’s and executives left and right. The company became a victim of Philadelphians’ protest against Scott’s polluting policies, Their executive VP “Junior” (McCabe’s son–sales people hated him for some reason) died in a horrible household fire and the company just came unglued with various disappointing events. I still respect the company’s products and many effective people I worked with. In my loneliness I went it on my own and eventually became a multi-millionaire. Interestingly, I went to stage 4 with my own corporation before I sold to a good bidder. I also learned that entrepreneurs do have a problem with management. I became rather bored with the whole thing after I got it off the ground.

Getting fired allowed me to bring my wife and family of three boys to mountain living in Boulder. Goodbye, East Coast.

You wrote a great book and I’ll follow you along your way to successful teaching. By the way, take a look at my DVD’s about the banking system at “UNCED” or www.thebigbadbank.com. Business has some very unfriendly competition coming their way, as you will see.

Sincerely Yours, George “Buzz” Hunt georgehunt@thebigbadbank.com