Currency Derivatives — $45 Trillion Business Ad

George W. Hunt investigates a huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated and how Congress believes it’s time to fix it.

Currency Derivatives – $45 Trillion Business

Currency Derivatives – $45 Trillion Business
George W. Hunt investigates a huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated and how Congress believes it’s time to fix it.

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Depopulation Mandates Nazis and Now

The “Bitch of Belsen”, Ilse Koch,was one of thousands of women who ran the Nazi death camps for the IG Farben Corporation, an
international chemical conglomerate HEAVILY FINANCED BY WESTERN MONEY
to annihilate certain “undesirable” races. There are “Bitches of
Belsen” operating in the U.N., WHO and perhaps scores of other
agencies who are presently, silently, killing millions of the world’s
people every year.
A council called “The Elders” was created on July 18, 2007, in
Johannesburg South Africa by Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Bishop Tutu
and Gro Brundtland that is linked by association with the Club of Rome
whose mission is to direct the reduction of the “lesser” races at a
fast and orderly pace. This can’t be proven unless one reads and
connects the organization with the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome
depopulation mandates and the mandates of Agenda 21, etc. It takes a
lot of reading.
Concentrate on something like “IG Farben Bush Standard Oil” in
Google to get the big picture about ethnic cleansing and dwhat the
“The Elders” and the Club of Rome, et al, are targeting for OUR

HAARP – A dangerous and deadly weather control system has been created

Most HAARP articles I have read agree that a dangerous and deadly weather control system has been created. The folly of slicing into the ionosphere with a slight bit of energy and send huge electromagnetic beams into the earth or kill crops and wildlife by diverting water-bearing weather away from any region is playing with Mother Nature with high levels of risk and ignorance. What drives people to conceive of such billion-dollar inventions while the poor starve?

The potential fruits of ionospheric weather control are certainly not worth taking any risks with such a system. BUT HERE IS WHERE WE ARE BEING MISLED: Do you notice how many times various HAARP articles refer to the “MILITARY” as being the bogeyman? It is my suspicion that the Rothschild World Conservation Banking/Conservation Conspiracy could realaly use HAARP technology extensively and CREATE global warming, extreme weather incidents and other Al Gore predictions. Lots of expensive machinery, bigger than the defense industry, will be needed to fight global warming, acid rain, CO2, etc. The rich elite will use HAARP before the military will.

Could the authors of many HAARP articles unknowingly be pointing the finger and blaming the military for HAARP’s insane project where the real beneficiaries of HAARP power and might may actually be the “Enviro-Aristocrats”. As you may know from my DVD’s, the aristocracy now controls both the world conservation movement and its avowed enemy, world industrial growth and development.

Persons who research and determine that the global warming theory is a hoax and is designed to be used against countries which contain what the Club of Rome calls “the lesser races” or, as the international banker in my DVD called us: ” The cannon fodder which unfortunatly inhabit the earth”. Africans could die by the millions. Targets of up to two billion population reduction have come up in the Club of Rome pronouncements. Careful: Those who say there is no global warming could later be singled out by the ruling class as an enemy against the people after HAARP has accomplished its evil task. Al Gore will be proved correct, Africa will roast, the plush ski areas will receive tons of snow and farms will close