UNCED Earth Summit 1992

UNCED Earth Summit 1992

In 1992 George Hunt was fully engulfed in investigating the New World Order and architects of a One World Bank. To further the Development of this bank and its effects on the Earth’s land, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development a.k.a. UNCED Earth Summit Meeting on June 3-14th , 1992 was held. Prior to this George Hunt recorded this video to heighten awareness of what secret agenda they might have from this meeting.

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  1. My name is George Hunt and I wish to sound the alarm that the forthcoming NCSE convocation in Washington DC Jan 18-20 2012 will recommend that all fresh water controls be passed to the Un Environment Program (UNEP). This will be a disaster for the indigenous people, wildlife and urban populations as UN control will be the death-knell to fair distribution of water. Water will become an increasing cost to people everywhere. Let your water bvoard members know of this NCSE conference so they can head off the recommendations of the UN meeting.

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