Shock! $307 Billion paid to Africa while America goes over cliff

Obama Budgets $307 Billion For the African Internet, etc.
The “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” is a public-private partnership which intends to build a huge, expensive African Internet. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, now dubbed “Africa’s Silicon Valley”.Africa 6

Hillary Clinton alluded to this monstrous State Department project when she stepped down from her Secretary job on February 1, 2013. She said, “One billion more persons will have access to the Internet”. She did not expand her sentence to include… “and Americans will pay for most of it”.

Africa 5Here is the scheme: Bloomberg News reported on Feb 14, 2011 that President Obama’s budget for FYE2012 will include $307 billion in grants to Silicon Valley. Specifically, the individual grant amounts in Obama’s budget are: $148 billion for research and development, $80 billion for federal information systems and $77.4 billion for computer education. Much (most?) of the grant money will be spent for Africa’s Internet.

The partners of “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” include the U.S Department of State, the World Wide Web Foundation and five Silicon Valley computer giants (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intel and Cisco Systems).

Americans will get little benefit from these huge grants, nor can we endure the $307 billion in the cash Africa 1outflow from the U.S. treasury. While we struggle to pay for health and indigent assistance, our constant wars and our corroding infrastructure, these grants will indeed bury us further into debt.

The World Bank, the UN and many foundations are available to fund an African Internet. If the international funds refuse to assist, the E.U. and the U.K. should fund this project because of their large African associations.

George Washington Hunt

14 thoughts on “Shock! $307 Billion paid to Africa while America goes over cliff”

  1. Oh good, then I will be getting 10 times as many emails telling me that I can help some african leader get their millions out of their countries if only I will sent them $10,000 to help them get it out of the country.

    How many more people involved in scams and learning how ot be internet hackers will this lead to?

    Will China start training them in the Sudan as to how to hack U.S. government departments?

    1. These SOBs (sons of Barrack) steal us blind – that’s Obama and lobbyists, and African despots and aren’t even polite about it. It would be in our best interest to let these thugs use their tribal drums and (1) not spend our tax dollars giving benies to their buddies or (2) put our dollars o work in the US of A.

      1. Good comment about the $300 billion dollar secret Hillary and Hussein have cooked up with the Silicon Valley confederacy. Their little organization was officially declared by Hillary on January 31, 2013. It is called “Alliance for an Affordable Internet and it is described online. I’ll have a videotape about this subject availabale in a few days at “”. George Hunt.

    2. The Silicon Valley confederacy killed Ilya Zhitomirsky. Now they are killing the American people as they send $307 billion to Africa!

  2. This $307 Billion is essentially military aid. We are playing a game of Risk! with China in Africa, with it’s mineral wealth the flag to be captured. Think of an investment in the internet infrastructure of Africa as installing the communication system to support our myriad military missions there. This will buy us a lot more than investing in Israel’s apartheid wall (which will last about as long as their cousins’ wall in Berlin). This is a great opportunity to install an internet, every router of which will be calling home to the NSA (at least those, if any, made in the U.S. – the others will call home to Beijing first). When Mugabe steals the GDP of Zimbabwe for the year, we will trace the transfer of funds. I realize our bankers prefer that Africans starve, as a form of “clear cutting” the land, but I doubt the opportunity to “liberate” a few truck loads of Zimbabwean trillion-dollar notes could be passed upon. Just keep Israeli contractors out so every call doesn’t first go through Tel Aviv. Of course, in reality this is probably just a scam, where the grant money is to be siphoned away. Those Africans don’t need internet – a few photo-ops with iPads in bush huts will suffice to make the do-gooders feel warm inside, while their money ends up in Zurich.

    1. Hi Pessimist: I’m with you and I am also pessimistic about where the whole world is headed. Yes, the African Internet is an indirect military expenditure. Look at the YouTube pictures about the Internet and you’ll notice that the rats of Silicon Valley are connecting the Nairobi Internet to India on the east side of Africa and London with Nairobi on the west side of Africa. The Internet is an Inter”NET” that will eventually enable the antichrists to catch every one of us “fish” and try to compel us to do its bidding every step of our existence. Jesus Christ said such a thing is coming in Revelations and other places in the Scriptures as well as in the other faiths that were in touch with God.

    2. Pessimist: Your name is Realist in my book., Thanks for your right-on comment. If someone asked me to name my enemy I would quickly respond, “The criminal government of the United States of America”.
      Second would be the criminal government of the Ultraconservative Rothschild Zionist Jews of not only Tel Aviv, Israel, but also the three city states in London’s “City”, Washington DC and Vatican City.
      I believe Israel is more equal than the others and they now call the shots in Syria, Afghanistan and well, I guess everywhere.
      I’m part Jewish, so no anti-Semitism is intended in my comment. However, certain leaders of the Rothschild family seem to have an almost supernatural presence. I often wonder if they have a direct link to the great liar and hater named Satan.

  3. Taking money from those who sweated to earn always leads to Judgment from the Lord! Those who boast of there scams & schemes will have their day sooner than later!
    While at a local station (fuel & misc) right after Nov 6th 012 a fellow w/African descent was so happy that the occupier was chosen again for another term was saying how great it is to spread the wealth. I asked him, how great will it be when your earnings are stolen to spread the wealth, he said that would never happen. I gave him a little lesson on how he’s already being scammed, to see him loose his smile was somewhat rewarding especially knowing his eye’s were beginning to open! Other races (other than what they call the great whites) are finally (many) realizing that the one that occupies is in no way there friend, what took so long!

    1. Good comment. Thank you Wily! Could you do the U.S. a favor and spread the word to others about this secret rip-off. Congress is now vulnerable to these facts that will save the U.S. $307 billion. Wow! That’s almost 10 percent of Obama’s budget requests. Americans, we must intervene with this information and stop this theft right now. Congresss convenes tomorrow to cut money out of Obama’s budget. Let’s spread the news about their rip-off and stop them in their tracks.

  4. LETS see,IRS comes to peoples HOUSES,with the sheriffs department,city police to take everything you own,SO OBAMA can give it to large corporations in another country,THATS how it works ain’t it,RIGHT NOW, “IRS OWES ME 450,000 DOLLARS” and it looks like the amount is going up,YOU local police had better start making arrests pretty soon of these thiefts,YOUR NOT DOING YOUR JOB,soon you’ll have to give back everthing you have,so it can be sold to repay your thieft of public money,DO YOUR JOB,go arrest these criminals……………….

  5. Being a christian I can understand many of the things that occur. In the bible we read what Moses said to the people of Israel about blessings and curses, which can be found in Deuteromony. If a country will not listen to those warnings, the Lord will also withdraw His blessings and I can see that happening in the USA. Wisdom begins to disappear and many stupid things will be accepted as best for the country.

  6. Can not the US House shut off the money to counter these threats to our fiscal well being? Something like the POTUS can do this because of such and such. So the House says we will take that out of the E.P.A. funding.

  7. I doubt that this project will ever be completed because the United States monetary system will collapse before then. Besides, when immigration reform is passed, most of the people in Africa will come here to live. There is plenty of room at the White House to take boarders. Remember what Senator Rand Paul said about allowing anyone to come to America who wants to work and become an American. Another words, no limit to people coming here. I can see it now, with more two billion people living in America, the quality of life will be just fine, if you do not mind sleeping in the street.

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