Call to Action

Call to Action

I mentioned the word “hullabaloo” in my message to you. the word hullabaloo means “noisy excitement”. Rogets’s Thesaurus gives other synonyms such as noise, racket, hubbub, din, uproar, clamor and tumult.

Here are my suggestions to each of you who love our country to create this hullabaloo. Please send this message further and share it with each of your personal email contacts. Eventually, millions of people will demand a transparent treasury and a transparent treasurer. We must demand an audit, an accounting, of the $700 Billion TARP funds Timothy Geithner has controlled and from where did the $134 Billion Kennedy Bonds emerge? And Why are we sending Billions to foreign banks?

Please follow these easy instructions about how you can participate in the Hullabaloo.

Number one: Pass this message on to every personal contact you have on your email lists. Send a link from this video here and share it. You can also share the message on twitter, facebook and youtube. Who stole the Kennedy bonds ?

Number two: Use our link to complain to your senators and representatives about potential fraud in the Treasury department. This is how you do it: You can find out who you congressman and senator is by going to this page on the government website. Type in your state and county, then your representatives will pop up, Send the message…no more big bad banks! We want thee Kennedy bonds back.

Number three: Ask God to save our nation. A special prayer for all of my work here on the big bad bank would help. ask god in your prayers to not let America succumb to world domination by diabolical forces in Banks or bearer bonds…….. I will pray for you too.

And once again you can see all of my videos, audio tapes and book right here at
Watch the Stolen Kennedy Bonds: Whodunit? Video Here

The link to contact your state representatives mentioned in this video can be found here:
You can contact him here: