Stolen Kennedy Bonds: Whodunit?

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Also be sure to watch the Call to Action Video, an addition to this one.

Citizen George W. Hunt makes a complaint in this videotape against the Federal Reserve Board and various Treasury officials for criminal actions against the people of America.. He accuses Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, Director of the National Economic Council, Lawrence Summers and other parties of withholding facts pertaining to an apparent theft of $134.5 Billion in U.S. notes and bonds, including ten $1 Billion Kennedy Bonds, apparently used to float a U.S. Currency. If the Kennedy bearer bonds are real, there has been a theft from the United States Treasury vaults of huge proportions and into the crooked hands of various European and American banks.

Mr. Hunt provides adequate facts that a plan may be in operation to sell real and counterfeit U.S. bonds in Europe and elsewhere. These secret bond sales have created artificial capital on the banks’ balance sheets, allowing them to purchase hard assets with the false capital they have created.

Another section of the video describes how the Rothschild group bank chain of Agricole Credit banks received $3 Billion in cash from the U.S. taxpayers’ TARP funds. Sophisticated debt and currency swaps orchestrated by AIG, Agricole Credit and other banks before the October 2008 crash made AIG a multi-billion dollar debtor to the Rothschild and European banks—and Americans paid the bills to Europe through AIG bailout money.

The entire operation smells of conspiracy and Hunt tries to inform Americans to realize how they are being cheated over and over again by our government officials and the Senators and Representatives who turn their heads away from these evils. Hunt encourages action to learn the truth behind these huge questions about Geithner, Summers, Obama, Rothschild, Greenspan, Bernanke and other “public servants”.