My letter to Benedetti-Valentini

August 26, 2010

Dear Mr. Benedetti-Valentini:
Thank you for your reporting about Banque Credit Agricole’s
fantastic profit performance. The news is all over town that Agricole
Credit is on the rise! My goodness, they only changed their public
name to Bank Agricole in February 2010 and their Chief Executive
Officer Jean-Paul Chifflet only took the reins of the bank six months
ago in March 2010. Already Agricole is receiving awards for this and
that from JPMorgan, Chase and others. Already their profits are
soaring. They have acquired a string of 172 banks in Italy
through their purchase of Intesa’s majority stake. Credit Agricole
must be a very rich bank to buy a whole chain of banks only six months
after they began their retail presence! Objective, independent,
auditors have not yet gotten their hands on Agricole Credit’s Balance
Sheet. It is essential to do so before Italy makes a very bad decision and
allows Agricole to overwhelm their financial platforms.
A quick background check on Agricole’s rising star begins with
the conference I attended in September 1987 (the 4th World Wilderness
Conference [See ““, my U.S. site for info]). I was
an official there and witnessed the beginning stage of Agricole Credit
by Baron Edmond de Rothschild and Messrs Maurice Strong, David
Rockefeller, Treasury Secretary Baker, McNeill (Geneva U.N.) and many
more financial — and environment — leaders and dignitaries
world-wide. Did you know about this bank conference? Very few did.
After Rothschild’s enactment to create this bank I began work tracing
activity toward a World Conservation Bank concept. For over 23 years I
have gradually seen how Rothschild is going to pull it off. Agricole
Credit is the banking system he is using to absorb each country’s
banking systems. Once he controls the credit and currencies of the
world, he’s on his way to whatever his heart may delight in, including the
destruction of indigenous people and surrounding wildlife. It certainly will
not be blessings, as the new Rothschild society will be a demonic
deluge. Their ultimate plans are known to me now but I shall stay to the point.
Leave it to say it won’t be “nice” as. I foresee that an
intolerable medieval society will come to pass with billions of people
disenfranchised from their inalienable rights to life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness through Agricole.
The bank will eventually collapse because of the false surpluses
which have been intentionally created through their acquisition of the
defunct Credit Lyonnaise Bank, also known as the “Dead Phoenix Bank”.
Bank accounting is on an accrual basis and Agricole can develop
profits where no actual money was received. Their falsified asset
values need to be exposed right now to correct dishonesty in their
accounting methods before they metastasize themselves into every
economy and every household.
Were the quarterly reports which they provided to you correct?
Have good, sound, accounting standards been established through
examination by independent auditors? I’m talking about honest,
vigilant, independent auditors,; not Agricole’s protests to choose
their own auditors, Objective auditors will plod through the numbers and,
for example, determine if AIG’s transfer of U.S. TARP funds to
Agricole was based upon a falsified loan receivable set up by Agricole
Credit in anticipation of the world financial plunge in 2008. Other
falsifications have certainly occurred, knowing the nature of the
bank’s creators. How was this $3 billion receipt of U.S. monies
through AIG reflected on Agricole’s (so far untouchable) Balance
Sheet? General questions will get general answers: Only a complete
audit can determine who is cheating. Agricole requires a thorough
audit of their books.
Agricole Credit was created out of the shell of Credit Lyonnaise,
the financial agency used to purchase equipment to massacre 800,000
persons in Rwanda. “Ethnic genocide” the U.N. named it. The
Rothschild group took over Lyonnaise’s assets after most of their
oriiginal records had been supposedly lost in a 1996 fire. The
Lyonnaise reputation was severely damaged when the Rwanda plot was
discovered. Rothschild’s group bought Lyonnaise and then created
asset values at will, out of thin air.
Agricole’s Balance Sheet reflects false surpluses concocted after
the Lyonnaise fire. One of the things they may have done was to
create a notes receivable from AIG for a $3 billion debt supposedly
owed to them by AIG. Did AIG show this as a loan payable on their
books? When and why? It’s hard to for Agricole to cook up a note
receivable without AIG’s assistance. We all know about AIG’s
principles and ethics because of their deceit in banking. AIG’s books were
doctored up to create that loan payable. Ask the AIG auditors to
confirm a rational reason for their indebtedness to AIG. In other
words, how were their assets created? This is the kind of examination
that intense auditing must determine at this stage of Agricole’s
instense growth. Look at all the harm AIG caused due to fraudulent bookkeeping. When AIG took its bailout money and paid over $3
billion to Agricole Credit, were the indebtedness facts true or false?
Do we know? Do many people know of these potential irregularities?
Please, push for a substantial audit of Agricole Credit.
Italy may regret the intrusion of Agricole into their fianancial
systems some day. This Rothschild banking creation will do harm to
all societies and economies everywhere.
I will close now, though there is still much I could tell about
Baron Rothschild, Maurice Strong and the bankers. Thank you again,
Mr. Benedetti-Valentini, for your good report in the Bloomberg
Financials about Agricole Credit’s wonderful 89 percent profit
increase. Just take it with a slight grain of salt. I would like to hear from you and get your thoughts about this bewildering email I am
sending to you. Perhaps your keen journalism abilities can clear this
atmosphere of intrigue. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or seek further clarification please due not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely Yours,
George W. Hunt 303-834-8004