Rothschild’s puppets

Hello Fellow World Citizens! My name is George Washington Hunt. I live in Boulder, Colorado.

A Big Bank is ready for implementation whenever the directors feel the right time occurs, probably

after all the world’s currency systems fail and there is chaos everywhere. It is presently called the

World Conservation Bank but may open in the name of the United Nations or as a private Rothschild

Bank The bank will replace all banks. There will be one big bank. It will issue the world currency, make

loans and finance huge conservation programs. Its power will be great. It could bring any nation to its

knees just by adjustments to credit and currency.


This bank is a creation of the Rothschild banking family. They are special bankers to the very rich

elite and command great respect in the field of international finance and banking. They are also very

clever, cunning bankers and have been known to create brilliant banking agreements. The forthcoming

bank is also clever and cunning and I have the responsibility to educate you about it. From where did I

assume this vast education responsibility? Let’s listen to the voice of David Lang, an international banker

from Montreal, to find out. He has a part in creating this bank and he displays the arrogance of the very

rich elite. So they don’t want to educate us cannon fodder, huh? (According to DAVID LANG). I

hereby am your educator and I plan to show you that this is a fraudulent bank.

The rich elite will invest trillions of dollars into this Rothschild bank in return for stock in the bank.

Their family trusts and foundations are gorged with wealth and they will readily invest in this bank because

if it bankrupts they have the right to step in and claim all of its assets. The assets they seize will include all

of the mortgages and debts of cities, counties, buildings, individuals, everything. When and if the bank

fails, these investors will own all of the collateral that was pledged in return for the trillions of dollars in

loans on everything.

Far-fetched? I hope so. As you hear what they said at the congress and what they have done

before and past, I think you will agree that this bank is a scam and is completely unacceptable.

Watch The video to see what I am talking about!