A wonderfull history, or the deep rooted plans for control?

As you all know I have been heavily involved with these issues for quite some time, In the 1974 DVD I proposed the possibility that the Rothschilds were of the Dynasty of Edom. Bible-readers will know that their family have sworn to regain the birth-right that Jacob (Israel) stole from Esau.

The Herod Family are Edomites, They built Herod’s Temple for the Jews and held powerful positions at the time of Jesus Christ. Herod the Great heard of the birth Jesus Christ and killed all the boy babies in the area of Jesus’ birth. A later Herod interrogated Jesus Christ and sent him back to Pontius Pilate.

Where did this Esau theory I have proposed come about? When I ate lunch with Baron and Lady Rothschild on my left and Michael Sweatman, the president of the World Conservation Bank, on my right,a word of knowledge, an inner voice if you will, said “You are sitting in the presence of the Dynasty of Edom”. Esau means “red child” and the name Rothschild may very well be a reconstructed name of the German “red child”; not “red shield”. The family originally used the name of “Bauer” and changed it to Red Shield, rather than Red Child.

The Coral Leaf appears on the literature distributed at the Conference. The coral leaf is green (like money) part of the year and red (like the Comintern and despotism) the rest of the year. Was that an accident? I don’t think so. Look at their little joke about how the name of their UNCED committee is pronounced–“UNSAID”

You do the math people…