World Conservation Bank: Revisited

The World Conservation Bank: Revisited

Re-released in 2009 from the 1994 30 minute edition with new graphics and pictures in digital DVD format.
George W. Hunt re-introduces The World Conservation Bank and it’s players in this special video. We also hear parts about Monetary Matters, New World Order, Sustainable Development, Environment vs. Development and Growth and Development.

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – Open
The Introduction to George W. Hunt’s World Conservation Bank Revisited

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – World Conservation Bank
George reintroduces us to the New World Bank and brings us more up to date with where the World Conservation Bank is, we hear a clip from David Lang at the World Conservation Congress from 1987, who advises against telling the common people about this One World Bank, So George takes his part and shows us a few of his findings including the First Environmental Bank a string of banks that has been created out of New Hampshire who Michael Sweatman a speaker at the 4th World Wilderness Congress is on the Board of Directors. George also talks about the new NAFTA Bank in Dallas who is involved with border patrol and debt swap with Mexico bringing in a larger national debt and how there really is nothing we can do to stop them.

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – Monetary Matters
George Talks about Monetary Manners and the inevitable collapse of the United States economy and how the most likely way for us to survive the national debt is to join the New World Order

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – New World Order
George Hunt asks, Who Seems to be Running the New World Order, relating his findings back to Babylon and other religious groups and the Roman Empire. Then we see some pictures of some of the people George believes to be involved in the New World Order and New World Bank including the Reichman family who owns a lot of the Milking business around the US, the Bronfman family who made a lot of money during prohibition providing the US people with Alcohol, David Rockefeller the chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, William Ruckelshaus chaiman of Weyerhauser Lumber, BFI waste management and founder of the EPA.

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – Sustainable Development
George tries and defines what Sustainable Development means to us. The two sides are Environment and Growth and Development. On the Environment side it’s the maintenance of things like wilderness, endangered species, and open spaces, On the other side Growth and Development is involved with mostly capitalists who care not about the environment and social welfare and more about profits and dividends. George thing goes on to explain the UN Document and how it might be effecting countries as far as even population control and genocide.

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – Environment vs. Development
The Earth is in the hands of the World Order, we get look at the Earth Summit meetings, and George Hunt asks Where in the World is Maurice Strong the head of the World Conservation Bank? George tracks him being kicked out of Colorado and up into Canada and we learn more about how the World Order people tend to lie a lot.

World Conservation Bank: Revisited – Growth and Development
The questions become: whose part of this show? The Answer is Everybody, the planet is allowing us to destroy itself for profits but regardless of what happens George advises us to be aware of what the press and religions sway you to believe.

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  1. Cool video made in 1988 when I unexpectedly pierced a secret banking meeting in Estes Park, Colorado in 1987. Messrs. David Rockefeller and Edmond de Rothschild handled the meeting to create a one-world banking system. The meeting was held about 25 years ago and their plans to take over the world’s banking systems into one oligopoly (and then monopoly)–are coming to pass just as they planned it. Can’t you feel their mighty financial power slowly crushing every common citizen? They’re doing it and getting away with it too! Well worth viewing and telling your contacts about it. Thanks! George W Hunt, Author

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