The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

How The Press Lied About The Murder of Ilya Zhitomirskiy

This story caught my eye. Please read the headlines in this article about “Diaspora” founder Mr. Ilya Zhitomirsky. (PAUSE) The headline mentions a “suicide note”, Therefore one is led to believe that there was a suicide note. Actually, Ilya did not write a suicide note: Ilya was killed by suffocation (lack of oxygen) according to the San Francisco Coroner. He did NOT commit suicide; he was smothered to death. Murdered by “unknown parties” as the S.F. may now finally say.
I believe his murder was instigated by the billionaires and venture capitalists of Silicon Valley who may have perceived that the “Diaspora” software could destroy their long-term target plan to create an international social site monopoly. They could lose trillions of dollars if Ilya’s advanced privacy and security social site interfered with their sociopath lusts for money, power and “1984”.

A solution to their problem (if these people were actually involved: I’m only surmising) was to make a generous offer first and , if declined, kill Ilya Zhitomirsky. A massive media cover-up was pre-arranged with little or no mention of murder. The press did a good job. No mention of “possible murder” with the exception of the police who said the Coroner would determine if it was a murder or a suicide. Out of 45 press releases I reviewed, no mention of a “possible murder” was posed. Hmm.
A skim-reader might read the words “suicide note” in the headlines and leave an impression that if Ilya left a suicide note he therefore committed suicide. The journalist who wrote the story certainly knew that there was no suicide note, yet he implied that there was a suicide note in the headline he chose. How strange. Do journalists get paid on the side for planting such disinformation? There was NO suicide note– but it did say“suicide note” in the headlines, didn’t it? Hmm.
If one takes the time to read the full article the only reference to a suicide note was this silly reference to another person and contriving an opportunity to bring “suicide note” into the headline. Now we can see where the clever journalist created an opportunity to lead the readers astray. Hmm.

The media world is so powerful and so ubiquitous that they can create lies and destroy the truth in many ways. I feel this article was meant to deceive and it’s just a small example of how the press can and does manipulate facts and events.

Sincerely, George W Hunt

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  1. Facebook started out as college fun but then was recruited by the government as a way to track our citizens. The owner of Diaspora was murdered because he wouldn’t compromise either and he was also in direct competition with facebook. The government wanted to make an example of Diaspora and make sure no one ever outside of Facebook (CIA) and Google+ (NSA) was going to create a social networking site. That way they can track everyone easier. Then when Ilya did not compromise, they murdered him.

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