Homeland Security May Block Web Sites

It was reported in prisonplanet.com (Alex Jones) that the General
Accountability Office (GAO) has warned the federal government that a
worsening of the swine flu epidemic may cause a glut of internet
traffic. The GAO warned that the glut of users may arise from among
the swine flu survivors who will be anxious to correspond with their
offices by way of their home computers. This could choke the ability
of commerce to use the internet efficiently, they say.

If this GAO warning is actually implemented the Department of Homeland
Security will be designated to take control of any government mandates
pertaining to “blocking certain web sites and and regulating internet
traffic”. It appears that John D. “Jay” Rockefeller IV’s
(Senator-WVa) desires to put a lid on the internet’s dedication to
free speech (see previous blog) are oozing into and through the GAO,
Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and scores of other New
World Order lackeys. People! Resist their censoring efforts!

I believe this is a back-door scheme to gain government control of the
internet and its terrific ability to exchange ideas about life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness versus the despotic government
which, according to the aristocrats, will soon engulf the world.

George Hunt georgehunt@thebigbadbank.com
Original story: Reuters, Monday, October 26, 2009