Jewish Lightning Part 1

Jewish Lightning Pt. 1

In George Hunt and Jewish Lightning Part 1, Mr. Hunt investigates the greatest ever possible occurrence of Jewish Lightning, or arson, on September 11th, 2001. In his discoveries George informs us about Larry A. Silverstein’s purchase of the leasing rights to the World Trade center complex and the insurance policies taken out by Silverstein properties Was it an Arab attack or a Jewish attack.

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One thought on “Jewish Lightning Pt. 1”

  1. This is a videotape that severy American should watch. It shows how we are being overwhelmed from within. It implicates the New York Jewish elite into a 9/11 attack that sthe press blames on the Arabs. Take a look at the circumstantial evidence and you will agree that 9/11 was very possibly a “Jewish Conspiracy”, not an “Arab Conspiracy”.
    Please watch it and tell your friends to watch it stoo. Thanks! George Hunt, Author.

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