Bloomberg has not kept its promise to fight for transparency

My Fellow world Citizens

Would/could one of the addressees bring me up to date
concerning the above lawsuit. I recently launched a DVD/Videotape on
the subject of the lack of transparency in the Treasury Department and
then I ran across your article that gave me the impression that you
were doing something about it. After two years of strenuous legal
work, where are you in the matter? Is this another dead case that
journalists say is being done, but it isn’t?
Please, find out to whom all the treasury’s money is going and what
are the instruments that created the presumed indebtedness of AIG and
other huge banks. Was there possible stealth afoot in applying the
TARP and other funds? What has Geithner touched that may be contrary
to honesty and ethics? Look at his income tax history in Wikipedia
for a start.
My God, if Bloomberg has not kept its promise to fight for
transparency in this case and then let it die, then shame on whoever
did not pursue it. Were they mere soothsayers who promised to gain
transparency and then let the case peter out somewhere in the system?
Thank you for listening and I really would like to chat briefly with
one of you about where this case is really at. Sincerely, George W.
P.S.: The videotape I recently launched about the lack of treasury
transparency can be seen at ““. Its subject is “The
Kennedy Bonds: Whodunit?”