Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - Global Warming

Conspiracy Theory

Show Description:
Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Premiered Wed, December 16 at 10P

Whether global warming is real or not, it’s believed some people are using the issue to make billions of dollars, start a one-world government and control our lives, from the cars we drive to the foods we eat. Jesse Ventura starts with Al Gore and goes far beyond as he uncovers the evidence that leads to one man thought to be behind the global warming conspiracy.

1. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 1 – Introduction – Jesse goes to a meeting in the warehouse district “Alone” and promised crucial information about the ring leader of a worldwide environmental conspiracy. Starting in San Francisco, Jesse Ventura visits with Noel Sheppard who claims that global warming is being used as an excuse to make money and control the world. In short, the big polluters are scamming smaller polluters by buying carbon credits to allow them to pollute more and it all comes down to Power, Money and Control. On another note, Sheppard believes that 100’s even 1000’s of environmental scientists believe that the Global Warming theory is not as big of deal as they make it out to be and provides Jesse with a list of scientists who will back these statements, so Jesse and his team go out to get some answers.

2. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 2 – Investigation – Jesse’s team travels to various undisclosed locations to speak with these scientists, one of which wants to remain completely hidden regarding his views due to death threats and to destroy his career because he’s threatening their power and states that the real Global Warming conspiracy is not caused so much by humans but it’s main source of power is from the sun. Then at MIT Dr. Richard Lindzen explains his views about how a scientist who speaks out against Global Warming can expect trouble due to the fact that the environmental industry is funded in major parts by Global Warming research even though the facts behind the allegations aren’t adding up and these people are getting rich off lies. At this point Jesse’s team reconvenes and discusses their findings one of which is a company HARA, a carbon monitoring software, which is backed by Al Gore a major influencer behind the Global Warming movement.
3. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 3 – Tracking the Players – Jesse and his team proceed to the Silicon Valley in northern California to the Hara Corporation to interview the CEO, Amit Charrerjee about what the companies software is and where it’s interests are involved. Upon finding that the company is in line to profit billions from the Global Warming conspiracy the hard questions start being asked, one of which is how and if the company is funded by Al Gore who is supposedly opposed the global warming profiteers which in fact would be a conflict of interest on his part. Jesse, being a friend of Gore is sure that there is something else going on even possibly behind Gore who seems to be staying out of the light and this has now become the focus of the team to track down the culprits.

4. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 4 – Knowledge – Now with the knowledge that powerful people are using the global warming issue to profit Jesse’s team travels to Washington to speak with the world’s leading and loudest opponent of the Global Warming initiative, Lord Christopher Monckton. Monckton takes the conspiracy theory to a whole new level stating that the Government, Scientists and Business men alike are all involved in the profiting aspect of Global Warming and traces everything back to one man, Maurice Strong a senior UN Official who has actually started the entire “Green Movement” as the person who established the intergovernmental panel on climate change, but the question is, is Maurice Strong a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Stirring up hysteria in the populous to make billions of dollars in profits. This leads the investigation team to Dr. Ben Santer, Climate Scientist, assumedly Maurice Strong’s accomplice, who has said to have rewritten a crucial UN report on climate change by deleting opinions that opposed the Global Warming theory. This leads to further investigation of Strong’s background and who also plays apart in Strong’s plot to control the money behind the world’s climate initiative.

5. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 5 – Following the Money – Jesse and his team continue to trail the Global Warming conspiracy leading to Maurice Strong the world’s leading environmentalists and a billionaire industrialists who is somewhere in China. In the meantime the team tracks down Ben Santer the man who supposedly doctored the UN Report ,Santer in turn doesn’t deny deleting items from the report, just that he has been misunderstood. So Jesse calls in a wildcard for his report, Alex Jones a world renowned conspiracy expert and asks for his help in tracking down Maurice strong which leads Jesse and his team to Mr. George W. Hunt who has been tracking Maurice Strong’s dealings for more than 20 years and the key to tying the Global Warming conspiracy together.

6. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 6 – George Washington Hunt – Continuing the investigation on the Global Warming conspiracy, the Governor is set to meet the man who is going to pull together all the threads Mr. George W. Hunt an environmental whistleblower. George explains his involvement in this conspiracy through the long periods of time that it has been in the makings, tracking back to the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987 where George realized that Maurice Strong and his partners were plotting a much larger plan than wilderness conservation, a World Bank, One World Currency and the New World Order. Jesse realizes that George’s theories weren’t actually theories anymore, but facts that we can see today in such forms of money like the Euro dollar. It’s all about the money and power!

7. Conspiracy Theory – Global Warming Pt. 7 – Green – The world’s top climate scientists did indeed cover up data about the Global Warming conspiracy and has been now revealed as Climategate which proves that the scientists are making the non-creditable claims to better their wallets not to better humanity. Jesse’s foreign operatives help track Maurice Strong down to his home in Beijing but are unable to get any further. They also are finding that the man behind the Green Movement is not looking for green in the world but green in his wallet so to say.