Depopulation Mandates Nazis and Now

The “Bitch of Belsen”, Ilse Koch,was one of thousands of women who ran the Nazi death camps for the IG Farben Corporation, an
international chemical conglomerate HEAVILY FINANCED BY WESTERN MONEY
to annihilate certain “undesirable” races. There are “Bitches of
Belsen” operating in the U.N., WHO and perhaps scores of other
agencies who are presently, silently, killing millions of the world’s
people every year.
A council called “The Elders” was created on July 18, 2007, in
Johannesburg South Africa by Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Bishop Tutu
and Gro Brundtland that is linked by association with the Club of Rome
whose mission is to direct the reduction of the “lesser” races at a
fast and orderly pace. This can’t be proven unless one reads and
connects the organization with the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome
depopulation mandates and the mandates of Agenda 21, etc. It takes a
lot of reading.
Concentrate on something like “IG Farben Bush Standard Oil” in
Google to get the big picture about ethnic cleansing and dwhat the
“The Elders” and the Club of Rome, et al, are targeting for OUR