George Hunt has passed away. The body of his video series, book and writings have been left here in this website. You may share these videos as you wish. He would want that. His store has been closed and so has his you tube and live channels.

George Washington Hunt served as a naval officer on cruisers and destroyers, held corporate positions for eight years, and worked as an entrepreneur in the health industry. He taught small business management and accounting as an adjunct professor at a college level for five years and started a health corporation in 1991 which became very profitable. He then sold it and has been retired for three years as of 2009. He was also a dedicated conservationist and in turn lost a career business because he stood up for nature.

Mr. Hunt is here to inform everyone of the concept of The Big Bad Bank. It is ready for implementation whenever the directors feel the right time occurs, probably after all the world’s currency systems fail and there is chaos everywhere. It is presently called the World Conservation Bank but may open in the name of the United Nations or as a private Rothschild Bank The bank will replace all banks. There will be one big bank. It will issue the world currency, make loans and finance huge conservation programs. Its power will be great. It could bring any nation to its knees just by adjustments to credit and currency.

George Hunt  was an official host at the UNCED 4th World Wilderness Congress. I am educating the public to understand that a secret bank was set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild. The bank will eventually be the only bank to exist as banks merge with one another into a larger bank. As the large and small banks topple toward large banks, where will it stop? The ultimate bank may be the Bank privee Edmond de Rothschild which was created in Geneva, Switzerland, a month after the aforementioned UNCED Wilderness Congress was held. It is presently known as the World Conservation Bank.

The bank will promote conservation but judge the hypocrisy of UNCED’s Maurice Strong, Rothschild’s right hand, as he brazenly attempts to circumvent Colorado water laws and ruin valuable farmlands. The bank utilizes the media to spread environment fears too. Spreading these fears will justify monstrous, inoperative, greenhouse effect projects for the greed rich and fat contracts. Some scientists have stated that they have serious questions concerning the lack of scientific methods and false or inadequate presumptions may have been used in the environment studies.

In the The Big Bad Bank videos for sale on this website you will hear Maurice Strong, Secretary and Under-Secretary of UNCED meetings; Baron Edmund de Rothschild, private banker to nations and the very rich elite; and Michael Sweetman president of the new World Conservation Bank. You’ll also hear an elite Montreal international banker named David Lang request that the cannon fodder (that’s us) not be educated about this bank. That is why I have undertaken this role as the world educator about this world banking scheme.

After watching , you may never trust banks again! If you wish additional information it is in  my book,  a manual of exhibits and articles used in my videos .