New World Bank

New World Bank

George Hunt’s re-master of the original edition of the New World Bank, Religion and Rulers documentary from 1988. In this video George talks with Charles Wheeling about his findings at the 4th World Wilderness Congress the year before.

New World Bank: Intro
George Hunt speaks with Charles Wheeling about his findings at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987.

New World Bank: Conservation
George now talks about the World Bank and how he first got interested in the subject. The 4th World Wilderness congress was coming to Denver back in 1987 and George found a way in to the conference and how he was suited to be a host at the congress.

New World Bank: Debt
George Hunt talks about the World Banking System and where the money will and have been going. Most of the truth behind the system is that the people behind it are doing exactly the opposite of what they were saying they would do, including slashing rainforests and trampling our ecology to name a few. George goes on to explain a little bit about the international debts of US banks and how they won’t be able to handle the losses of making such large foreign loans.

New World Bank: Loss
Either way we lose. Using the world’s wilderness lands as collateral the US economy will be able to survive the 3rd world debt losses, this is the basic concept that is behind the World wilderness congress that George attended. We then hear an audio clip from John D. Rockefeller about how the US will eventually collapse in the near future.

New World Bank: Wealth
A world dollar is the only one that’s worth anything, is what the big bankers are going to tell us. The banks will then take control of all our money and resources and everyone will be under the control of a New World Order.

New World Bank: Currency Matters
George talks about the soft currency debt swap and trading that this world currency dollar could be profitable for this bank.

New World Bank: Laws
Now we listen to Baron Edmund de Rothschild announce the creation of the International World Conservation Bank which will include a second Marshall plan to bail us out in the US, a third world debt relief, and a new World currency system, After the voice recording plays, George takes questions and comments from the audience.

New World Bank: Capitalists
George reads an article from Harry Schultz about research and development and how Tokyo is the most likely the country to start the world’s money panic. George analyzes the topic and how the banks will scheme their way through the collapse.

New World Bank: Profitability
We listen to David Lang a Canadian Banker who says that common people “cannon fodder” doesn’t need to get involved with this bank and George explains to the audience how he saw right thorough their secret plan to create a One World Dollar out of this bank.

New World Bank: Evil
Part 3 The World Religion and Lindisfarne begins and George talks about Maurice Strong who owned a ranch in La Baca, of Crestone Colorado where a temple was built by the Episcopal Church, Lindisfarne in conformance with a Babylonic numerology system containing lots of 6’s and some of which make the mark of the beast 666.

New World Bank: La Baca, Crestone Colorado
It’s Mr. Environment versus Mr. Development, Ruckelhaus and Rockefeller and it seems that the facts point more towards the profitability rather than the conservation of our land. George points out that Maurice Strong, the head of the 4th World Wilderness Congress, owned land in Crestone Colorado and his soul intentions were to suck the water out of the mountains near where he lived and sell it to different states or even countries for a large profit.

New World Bank: Rights and Temptation
Charles Wheeling talks about how these topics relate to revelations in the Bible and George explains how our rights as citizens will be threatened.

New World Bank: New Age
George talks about how he was introduced to religion and spirituality.

New World Bank: Maurice Strong
We listen to a voice recording from the 4th worId wilderness congress and I. Michael Sweatman Introduces Maurice Strong at the 4th World Wilderness Congress who speaks for a short time about the International wilderness and the Conservation Bank and its’ trustees including Edmund de Rothschild.

New World Bank: Rothschild
We listen to a voice recording from the 4th worId wilderness congress of Edmund de Rothschild who talks about the concept of the bank they have planned during this conference and how the wilderness has a part of their investments, created by Michael Sweatman.

New World Bank: Credits
The Credits for the New World Bank: Religion and Rulers.