Currency Derivatives -- $45 Trillion Business

Currency Derivatives – $45 Trillion Business

Hello, my name is George Hunt. My work in my retirement years is to educate people about the intrigue and conspiracy within the obscure, powerful, areas of international finance and banking. I was the CEO of a corporation and know the business of business and that is “Money drives the World”. As a result, all religions caution that “The love of money is the root of all evil”. I expose the evils of the money systems within the high echelons of the international banking world as they occur. Examples of my work can be seen at my site called

War, depression, inflation, poverty and disease are the hallmarks of the international banking elite. Historical records confirm that all wars since, at least, the French Revolution, have been created by the war-for-money groups. Not all of the personages are guilty of greed; many are honorable people—but the greed of the owners eventually filters downwards. The top of their heap is Lucifer, their patron saint. At the bottom of the heap, after they pillage the world currencies and the people, are we, the common people. We suffer and bear the deprivations they create for us.

I call the banking conspiracy the Roman-Israel money conspiracy because many of the bankers are the false-Jews of Edom, descendants of Herod the Great. They run Israel while the Pretender of Rome steers his banking power through the European bank syndicates. For example, look at the numerous swindling charges lodged against the Vatican Bank and Banco Ambrosiano in 1982 and 2009 for money-laundering and other illegal activities. If one studies current Roman banking they will see that Ettore Gotti Tsedeschi, “God’s Banker of the Vatican” is also the Chairman of the Board of Banco Ambrosiano! Talk about a conflict of interest! Money-laundering, swindling, you name it– those two banks are at the top of the Roman conspiracy and they are always in cahoots with each other..

Anyway, here’s today’s news. A huge $45 Trillion financial cabal area exists that has gone unregulated– and Congress believes it’s time to fix it. The international banking industry and Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner oppose regulation, of course, because they’re the source of the problem. They have a lucrative monopoly of buying and selling currencies and they DO NOT WANT Congress to regulate the industry.

Currency trading is actually a very basic, uncomplicated, industry and it is not dishonest in itself. But in these days of a global economy, the business is rocking and rolling to the tune of $45 Trillion in trades per year. The Soros-Rothschild group, for instance, timed a sale of $10 Billion in English pounds in September 1992 to win a $1 Billion profit in one day. They either had insider info about the currency event or a competent computer analyst told them when to move. I think it was “insider” info.

This $45 Trillion market does need regulation, but by whom? Unfortunately, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner wants to control the regulations but that’s a different subject. Congress will succeed in regulating the industry but the regulations will be written by the same international banking syndicates that will be regulated. Either way, the bankers will win. Jonathan Swift, an Irish essayist in the early half of the 1700’s, wrote a satire in which he said “Laws are like spider webs: They catch the little flies but the big flies break through and steal again”.

Currency speculators have now overrun the industry like locusts. They make routine profits when traders in the export-import businesses wish to cover their trading deals at guaranteed currency values. But the MBA boys of today get in and out of currency markets quickly, taking profits on small spreads multiplied by billions of dollars. These greedy plays agitate the currency markets with their vast multi-billion dollar gambles, getting in or out while the currency goes up and down in value while other gamblers try to buy in when the upward cycle increases the value of the currency, scooping up the currency when it falls to a lower price and, hopefully for them, selling the currency at a higher value. This is what is called the “Forex market”.

I was permitted by the Chase-Manhattan Bank of New York back in 1960 to study their Forex department as part of my finance degree at the University of Kansas. I had a calling to the arbitrage industry. “Arbitrage” was the general name of the financial process which is now called Forex or “currency swaps and forwards derivatives”. That was over 50 years ago and the process has since been eroded and encapsulated into a frantic, frenetic industry of greed and fear.

As I said, the industry will be regulated, but by the very same bankers who require regulation– in spite of Congress. As long as they’re going wild, let us require a tax on these unsettling trades to assist the U.S. and other countries to get out of debt: Congress can legally demand a tax, a tariff, or some source of revenue, from this untaxed industry. If my arithmetic is correct, a slight tax of only one-half of one percent tax on currency trades will produce an income of over $200 Billion for the betterment of all nations. The tax can be easily collected by our existing U.S. Clearinghouse. A portion of the revenues would be distributed to needy nations and the rest would be distributed to the countries that initiated the transactions. I hope Congress requires this sales tax as long as they are presently creating these new regulations. If you agree to this idea, I will forward your wishes to the members of Congress in your district. Email your wishes to me with your name, address, county, email address and any comments you want to make. My email address is and I’ll pass on your comments to your Congressmen.


George W Hunt